Assessment & Succession

There’s no one-size-fits-all to learning. Your organization is unique and therefore needs a unique solution. This is what makes our services fluid and may often overlap for the best results. You will be guided by our insightful consultants on the most fitting resolution for your company, the most beneficial outcome for your people, and respectively, their overall performance.

We have partnered with one of the world best assessment providers -MRG- offering customized solutions that identify behaviors to sustain, areas of change and clear opportunities for growth in a pro-active way.

We assess and coach respondents on the below 5 areas:

Personal Growth
Service Excellence 

In addition to the MRG assessments, we has also partnered with another suite of affordable, yet scientific award-winning assessments, making it more accessible to every organization.

  1. DISC 360 behavioral styles
  2. Hartman Value Profile thinking styles
  3. Emotional Intelligence – EQ
  4. Sales IQ plus – 8 primary sales competencies

Assessment Consulting Solutions​:

– Organizational Culture Assessment
– Behavioral Assessment Center Setup
– Evaluation & Assessments
– Competency Profiling
– Psychometric Profiling
– Performance Appraisal Guidelines
– Performance Management Setup