A humanitarian crisis requires immediate action—and a longer-term plan—whether it be caused by war, pandemics, natural disasters, etc. This makes the humanitarian sector particularly vulnerable to shifting currents of change since it is connected to so many different entities worldwide. Organizations frequently find themselves responding to these pulls and pushes by changing their own practices, structures, and tools in order to improve performance, and sometimes just to remain operational.

At ighcc, we are aware of that said challenges in addition to the capacity of humanitarians to provide the most effective aid to those in need. This is ultimately determined by their own well-being, the dynamics of their teams, and the organizational culture.

The ighcc consultants who specialize in humanitarian assistance are here to support you by providing sustainability development, global strategic direction, behavioral and operational support, and a fresh solution-oriented perspective.

And because no two organizations are alike, and no two organizations face the same issues, our approach is highly customized. 

We tie assessments, consultancy, learning solutions, development tools, and coaching together so that our learners can pragmatically achieve their set goals. ighcc head of practices aims to constantly elevate every practice. In order to better prepare our customers for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, our experts constantly share their domain knowledge and create perspectives, resources, and capabilities.