Since 2007, we have carried the message of making a positive change in the lives of people and organizations, and made it our purpose. Thirteen years later, with over 6,000 solutions delivered in 26 countries and 19 industries, we are humbled to have had the ability to have impacted over 155,000 people, and cannot wait to create more of that positive impact. Whilst doing so, we were very fortunate to deliver without compromising on our values: We are driven by purpose; We only deliver quality; We live with passion; We take fun seriously; We believe in sustainability. Today, ig, formerly known as ideas group, embarks on its journey of adopting a new identity. The old ideas group used to function around three pillars that were represented in our emblem: your team, your organization and you. In our new brand, we merged these three pillars into one entity to portray that we are all part of the same team when it comes to upgrading performance, and each pillar has an influence over the others. Learning and development is imprinted in our DNA and is a part of our identity that has earned the trust of our clients and made us a reference in that field. Looking ahead, we will be sustaining our learning and development side, while expanding more into a path focused on tackling the why and how of helping organizations find the right solutions under the human capital consulting and talent development umbrellas. ig is the brand under which the member companies of ideas group offshore s.a.l operate and provide professional services. Together, these companies form the ig network. Focusing on human capital consulting, the network provides services in human capital and human resources consulting, leadership behavioral assessments and delivers contextualized learning solutions. Companies that form the network are: ideas group s.a.r.l, ideas group offshore s.a.l., Majmouat Al Afkar Lel Tadrib, ideas group training center co., and ig consulting ltd. As organizations worldwide are forced into abrupt change, we are here to ensure that their transition happens smoothly and with the least amount of damage possible. This is made possible through reskilling, upskilling and redesigning the way of doing things to meet the needs of the current business model. Upgrading performance will remain our core purpose as we delve deeper into this new realm. Our services will cater to the needs of organizations across various industries in their recovery phase and beyond. Today, every organization and every leader has a choice: to make the best out of accelerated transformation by creating a solid foundation, engaging people, and aligning visions. We at ig are here to help you answer the question: Are you agile enough to excel in the new work order? During volatility, what we need to search for is not the unattainable certainty, but rather, true sustainability: in performance, in engagement, in motivation, in leadership with the right vision. ig partners with organizations in transforming and fostering a culture that supports sustainable performance, talent retention and employee engagement. We utilize reliable and research-based models to best manage transformation within an organization from initiation to delivery while ensuring alignment with the business strategy, leader’s actions and decisions, employee behaviors and organizational systems. Beyond updating and anchoring your systems, policies, and procedures and equipping your workforce for the future, ig remains present to assist your organization in the execution phase, and help sustain high performance throughout and post business transformation. We are sailing in a new direction with confidence in our ability and with eagerness to go the extra mile and continuously deliver high quality contextualized solutions. We look forward to the future, and we feel agile and ready to tackle whatever comes our way. ig… bolder, more focused, here to help you create positive change and sustainable high performance.

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